Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

You must not attend DKHAC if you

  • Are unwell or have any flu-like symptoms;
  • Have recently been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 and have not been tested or are still waiting for test results;
  • Have had any respiratory symptoms (even if mild)


Who can access the Centre when it opens?

Given the recent announcement limiting gatherings to 250 people in any indoor space (subject to distancing requirements for the physical size of the space) and the increased measures required to ensure patron and staff safety, the decision to open to current members only will give staff at DKHAC time to ensure all systems and processes are working adequately before the Centre reopens to the broader public.

As soon as the Centre has this understanding we will be inviting all visit pass holders and casual users to join us.


What are the Centre opening hours?

The Centre will be open     

Monday – Friday:                 6:00am ~ 7:00pm

Saturday - Sunday:              8:00am ~ 4:00pm

*Bookings outside of these hours are subject to agreement



When does my membership reactivate?

Your membership will be reactivated on the date that you specified in your returned recommencement form, and normal charges will resume.

You should have received an email with a link to our recommencement form, but if you did not receive that form please click here. This form needs to be completed before your membership resumes.

If you don’t reactivate your membership it will remain suspended (no charge) until 31 January 2021, unless we are notified otherwise. 

Annual members will have the total time suspended added on to their existing membership expiry date.


When can I use my visit pass again?

Visit pass holders will not initially be able to use the Centre, but will be invited to join us again once the DKHAC team have assessed the initial demand on the Centre from our current members.

Please check out website and social media for updates.

When can I come for a casual visit?

Casual visitors will not initially be able to use the Centre, but will be invited to join us again once the DKHAC team have assessed the initial demand on the Centre from our current members.

Please check out website and social media for updates.



How many people are allowed in the Centre?

During stage 3 restrictions the Centre is allowed 250 people in the pool area, and 100 people in each room of the gym area (cardio equipment room and group fitness room).

We will be monitoring numbers regularly, and there is a chance that we will have to limit entry if we do reach capacity.



Do I have to book?

You will not need to book to swim, to attend the gym or for group fitness classes.


Can I undertake personal training or a supervised rehabilitation session?

When we initially open we will not be offering personal training or supervised rehabilitation sessions, these offerings will be reintroduced later in the year.

What pools are available?

The 50m pool will be in short course mode for lap swimming. This means the 50m pool is divided into 2 x 25m pools.

We will also have lap lanes available in the dive pool.

All details regarding pool lane operations and etiquette subject to change and this information will be provided within the Centre and through our normal communication channels.


How will the lanes/pool be set up?

The 50m pool will be in short course (2 x 25m pools) and we will be initially allowing 3 swimmers per lane. The dive pool will also be available for lap swimming.

The lanes will be available with slow, medium or fast pace, with the appropriate signage.

 For available lanes please see our pool availability.

When does the recreation/leisure pool reopen?

The leisure pool will be closed until November 2020, to allow the installation of our new play centre.


When does the 25 metre pool open?

The 25m pool will be closed until October 2020. Our Learn to Swim program will also return at this time.

Can I bring the kids in for a play?

The leisure pool and recreation areas are closed until November whilst we complete the installation of our new play centre,

The remaining pools will be for lap swimming only, with no space for general play. 

When does the Learn to Swim program recommence?

Due to upgrades requiring construction in the 25m pool area, the Learn to Swim Program / Dive Program / School Swimming Program will not be available at DKHAC until Term 4, 2020. (subject to meeting the COVID-19 guidelines / restrictions in place at that time).

For more information, go to the Learn to Swim section of the website.


Is the Spa, Sauna or Steam room open?

These areas will be closed until November 2020, whilst the works are occurring in the leisure pool area.



Are there still Aqua Aerobics classes?

Initially we will be running one (1) aqua class per day in the dive pool. There won’t be any shallow aqua classes available until the 25m pool reopens.

Please check the group fitness timetable for class times.

How is the Centre managing hygiene?

We have new hygiene stations around the Centre. Please use the hand sanitiser provided immediately before and after exercise.

Towels in the gym will be compulsory and a strict “no towel, no workout” policy will apply. All gym users will be required to wipe down equipment after each use with the cleaning products provided.


How are we keeping the Centre clean?

Safe Work Australia has provided a very specific set of requirements in relation to cleaning of facilities for COVID-19.

We have increased our cleaning and sanitising commitments across the Centre to keep you safe.


Are the change rooms open?

The Tasmanian state government now allow the use of change rooms and showers at leisure centres; however, as Safe Work Australia requires showers to be cleaned after each use in shared facilities, we are only able to offer the showers on pool deck at this stage.

Please be mindful that access to change rooms is limited by physical distancing restrictions allowing for 1 person per 2 square metres. If you must use these facilities, please minimise your time in these areas so others can also use them.


Can I use a locker?

All lockers will not be available at this stage due to the requirement for cleaning between each use.

We suggest you limit the amount of personal belongings you bring with you, as the Centre take no responsibility for storage, loss or theft of these items.


Will the Child Care be open?

Our child care facilities will remain closed until further notice.


Will the Cafe be open?

 The café will be open with limited service offerings during the following hours

 Monday ~ Friday         6:00am ~ 7:00pm

Saturday - Sunday       8:00am ~ 4:00pm                        

Can I use a water fountain?

Water fountains will be available for filling water bottles only, not for direct drinking. However, we recommend all patrons bring their own filled water bottles.

Water and other drinks will also be available from our Cafe.

Can I make retail purchases?

The retail shop in the foyer will be open during the Centre opening hours. 

Our returns policy has been updated to allow a 14 day return on swimwear. Refund and exchanges of swimwear will only be permitted with proof of purchase and provided all labels and hygiene stickers are still attached.

The retail fitting room will be closed so we ask you to take care with your purchases.