Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

You must not attend DKHAC if you

  • Are aged 17 years and older and are not fully vaccinated.

  • Are unwell, including with fever (or night sweats/chills) or respiratory symptoms, e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat.  



Who can access the Centre?

The Centre is open to;

  • Members
  • New Members 
  • Multi Visit Pass Holders 
  • Casual users
  • Spectators 
  • Group, school, carnival and event bookings

Those aged 17 years and older are required to be fully vaccinated to enter the Centre.

Gatherings to 1000 people in any indoor space (subject to distancing requirements for the physical size of the space) and the increased measures required to ensure patron and staff safety are still in place.

Visitors to the Centre are required to check in using the Check In Tas app.


Face masks at the Centre

You are required to wear your mask when inside the Centre except in the following circumstances;


  • Swimming or submerged in water, or standing in water e.g. gentle walking or exercising or standing in shallow water
  • Engaging in physical activity where physical distancing is not possible but wearing a mask is not feasible

    Examples include;
  • Customers engaged in intense physical exercise – running, cycling, HIIT, heavy weight lifting etc.
  • Personal training
  • Group fitness participants up to the point of warm up, and back on after cool down

  • Using the spa, sauna or steam room (remove mask at point of entry, put on upon exit)
  • Eating or drinking
  • Communicating with someone who has impaired hearing or who is deaf, and visibility of your mouth is essential for communication.

Our staff our exempt from wearing masks when;

  • Actively monitoring the pool (Lifeguards) as visibility of their mouth is an essential part of their role. Lifeguards will carry masks on them when they are communicating with customers within 1.5 metres
  • Personal trainers whilst training a client
  • Group fitness, aqua and Learn to Swim Instructors instructing classes


What are the Centre opening hours?

A full list of our opening hours (including the gym and pools) can be found here.

Our Public Holidays and other special days opening hours are listed here.

Can I use my visit pass?

Yes, visit passes are able to be used.

 Multi visit passes are available in packs of 10 and can be purchased for;

  1. swim
  2. swim, spa, sauna & steam
  3. aqua aerobics 
  4. full access pass

Please see our fees & charges page for pricing details. 

Can I come for a casual visit?

Casual visitors are welcome. Those aged 17 years and older and required to be fully vaccinated to enter the Centre.

If you would like to use the 50m or 25m pool during your visit we encourage you to check the pool availability prior to your visit.

Our opening hours are listed here

Visitors to the Centre are required to check in using the Check In Tas app.

Do I have to book?

You are not required to book to swim, to attend the gym or for group fitness classes.


Can I undertake personal training or a supervised rehabilitation session?

Supervised rehabilitation sessions and personal training sessions are available. Please call the gym team on 6238 2692 to arrange a session.

What pools are available?

All pools are open. For details regarding pool lane availability please see our timetables page.

When does the Learn to Swim program recommence?

Our Learn to Swim program recommenced in November 2020.

If you would like to be added to the wait list for next term, please let us know by emailing  

For more information, please see the Learn to Swim section of the website.

Is the Spa, Sauna or Steam room open?

The spas, sauna and steam room are open for members and casual users.

While face mask restrictions are in place, masks can be removed at the point of entry to the spa, sauna and steam room and put back on upon exit. 

To safely operate these facilities we require all users to comply with the following conditions:

  1. Sauna capacity is 2 persons
  2. Steam capacity is 4 persons
  3. Spa capacity is subject to seats available
  4. 15 minutes max of each facility (shower between uses)
  5. Show your member card or casual wristband when requested by staff
  6. The minimum age for using the spa, sauna & steam room is 16 years.

Passes can be purchased from Customer Services for swim/spa/sauna/steam.  Pricing information is available on our Fees & Charges page.

Are there still Aqua Aerobics classes?

Yes, both our Deep Water Aqua Aerobics classes & Shallow Water Aqua Aerobics classes are operating. 

Deep Water Aqua classes are held in the Dive pool and our Shallow Water Aqua Aerobics classes are held in the 25m pool.

See the group fitness timetable for class times.

How is the Centre managing hygiene?

We have new hygiene stations around the Centre. Please use the hand sanitiser provided immediately before and after exercise.

Towels in the gym will be compulsory and a strict “no towel, no workout” policy will apply. All gym users will be required to wipe down equipment after each use with the cleaning products provided.

How are we keeping the Centre clean?

Safe Work Australia has provided a very specific set of requirements in relation to cleaning of facilities for COVID-19.

We have increased our cleaning and sanitising commitments across the Centre to keep you safe.

Are the change rooms open?

Yes, our change rooms are open.  Please be mindful that access to change rooms is limited by physical distancing restrictions allowing for 1 person per 2 square metres. If you use these facilities, please minimise your time in these areas so others can also use them.

Showers are availalbe in both the public and members change rooms.  For your safety, there will be cleaning products available in all areas to supplement our comprehensive internal cleaning and disenfecting regime.  We ask you use the cleaning wipies to wipe down the taps and other high touch surfaces when you have finished your shower.

Can I use a locker?

Lockers are available for members and general public.

We suggest you limit the amount of personal belongings you bring with you, as the Centre take no responsibility for storage, loss or theft of these items.

Will the Cafe be open?

Our cafe is open.

The opening hours are;

Monday to Friday       7:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday                    8:00am - 5.00pm         

Sunday                      8.00am - 5.00pm          

Please note these hours are subject to change. 

Can I use a water fountain?

Water fountains will be available for filling water bottles only, not for direct drinking. However, we recommend all patrons bring their own filled water bottles.

Water and other drinks are available from our Cafe.

Can I make retail purchases?

The retail shop in the foyer will be open during the Centre opening hours. 

Our returns policy has been updated to allow a 14 day return on swimwear. Refund and exchanges of swimwear will only be permitted with proof of purchase and provided all labels and hygiene stickers are still attached.

The retail fitting room is open.