Aqua Aerobics


DKHAC Aqua Aerobics classes are all about keeping you fit while having fun.

Join us to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility, and tone up while you enjoy the water.

Our Aqua Aerobics classes are run Monday to Saturday and are open to members and casual visitors.  

The Aqua Aerobics classes are viewable using our live Group Fitness class timetable.

Shallow Water

Shallow Water Classes

Our shallow water aqua aerobics classes are held in our 25m pool, heated to 31 degrees. It's a light impact class that includes the use of pool-noodles and/or aqua dumbbells for a variety of exercises. Our qualified instructors will ensure you get an awesome workout as exercise options and intensities can be adjusted to cater to all fitness levels and ages.

Deep Water

Deep Water Classes

Our deep-water aqua aerobics classes are held in the dive pool (heated to 28 degrees) and offer exercises with no impact. For those aged 16 and up, it suits all fitness levels and is excellent for rehabilitation. You can wear a flotation belt, so there's no need to worry about being in deep water, but you do need basic swimming skills. This class also includes the use of pool-noodles and/or aqua dumbbells.

Our Dive Pool Platform Lift is available in the dive pool for those who need assistance to enter or exit the water using a platform lift.



Tabata is a form of interval training designed to help increase cardiovascular endurance, performance and general fitness of your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Typically the intervals are broken down into 8 blocks of 20 seconds work to 10 seconds rest, creating a block of exercise that is 4 minutes in total. 

 All fitness levels are welcome as participants can work at an intensity appropriate to where they are on their fitness journey.