Facility Description


We have 4 different types of pool in the centre.  Each pool is used for a variety of aquatic activities with all pools except the leisure pool available for private and public bookings.

Leisure Pool

Graduated depth (0m ‑ 1.4m), beach entry for easy access.  Best suited to recreational swimming.  Shared use only.

Let the kids splash in our purpose built aquatic play area, with a separate area for toddlers and a family leisure pool heated to 32 degrees.

This pool has a beach entry with a family friendly area that has fun water play activities and it also provides wheelchair access to the 25 metre pool.

Our popular water slide is located in the leisure pool.  The slide is open weekdays between 3–6 pm and on weekends and public holidays between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm.  Outside of these times we try to regularly open the slide.  During the school holidays the slide is open on weekdays between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm. 

25 metre pool  

6 x 25m lanes, graduated depth (1m ‑ 1.4m).  Best suited to recreational swimming and less structured activities

The 25m Pool is a heated pool, used for beginner lap swimming, aquatic exercise including our popular shallow water aqua aerobics classes.  Swimming lessons are also taught in this pool with the use of platforms and teachers in the water with the students.   This pool has six lanes with a depth ranging from 1.0m – 1.4m and is heated up to 32 degrees.  This pool is well suited to water recovery programs, water walking, recreational swimming and is great for school group bookings.

50 metre pool or 25 metre short course (dive or scoreboard ends)

8 x 50m Lanes, a consistent two metres deep, diving blocks.  Best suited to lap swimming and highly structured activities.

8 x 25m Lanes. Short Course mode = 50m Pool separated with a Boom. *Additional charges may apply for Short Course set up (Boom Movement).

Heated to 27 degrees the 50m Pool has 8 lanes, making it an ideal place for lap swimming.  With dedicated slow, medium and fast lanes the pool caters for all abilities.

This pool is extremely versatile, with moveable booms that allow it to be converted into two 25m short course pools for events. The pool is frequently used for swim carnivals, with a grand stand seating capacity of 1,800.

Other unique features include:

  • Electronic score board
  • Sound system
  • Electronic timing systems
  • Poolside meeting rooms

Dive Pool

6 x 25m lanes, five metres deep. 

Exclusive Dive Pool booking is required for use of Diving Boards above 1.0m. *Additional lifeguard required – charges apply

 Our 5 metre deep dive pool is Tasmania’s only competition standard dive pool.  It offers dive platforms at 10, 7.5 and 5 meters and dive boards at 5, 3 and 1 metre.

Our dive pool is also used for lap swimming, deep water aerobics, school bookings, diving lessons and for fun with a large inflatable slide used during our school holiday Splash program.

Meeting Room Hire

We have two meeting room that each comfortably seat 15 people. The meeting rooms can be booked while holding an event or for general use.

The rooms are equipped with meeting table, whiteboard and catering upon request. A projector is available on request.

We also have a sound room for controlling the PA audio system and wireless microphone for commentating events.

Ask our booking officer about these spaces when making your booking.

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