8 Week Transformation Challenge

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Next Challenge coming in 2022. 

Our 8 week Transformation Challenge has been designed to push you out of your comfort zone, to try new things and to get in the best shape of your life. Follow the plan, trust the process and learn about health, fitness and nutrition. 

We provide you with the tools, support and education, you put in the work.

What is included in the Challenge? 

  • Personal Trainer - You will have access to a personal trainer (you can choose your trainer) for the eight weeks of the challenge, including 1 PT session a week. If you're already a PT member you receive an additional session a week.
  • Progress Tracking - We provide you with your daily, weekly and overall goals, and provide you with the tools to ensure you stay accountable and achieve your best possible result.
  • Nutritional Support - We provide you with nutritional guidance, nutritional targets, and education to ensure you are learning and gaining practical knowledge. 
  • Effective Workouts - We provide you with 8 weeks of effective training and planning, which you can progress as you get fitter and stronger.
  • Exclusive Facebook forum with your coaches and like-minded participants.
  • Start and finish assessment- this includes body composition, measurements, before and after photos.
  • Weekly training challenges and group fitness class of the week – plus you can attend any of the 70 weekly group fitness classes on our timetable.
  • End of challenge facility celebration 

During the challenge you will be supported, you will have 'ah ha' moments, you will be energised and you will achieve results.  

To participate in the challenge you are required to be a Gold or PT Gold member - If you aren't a member it's simple to join, and we will waive the joining fee + no lock in contracts.

If you are interested in participating in the challenge please email us dkhac@hobartcity.com.au and the gym team will be in touch with more info. 

To find out more you can chat with the gym team when you're in next or call us on 6222 6962.