Teen Fitness

At DKHAC we offer a fully supervised fitness program for teenagers aged 13-17 years.


If we can set the correct foundation then we can be set for life, at The Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre, we aim to make a difference for all our young members. Our focus is to provide a safe and enjoyable fitness program for all teens. This will allow them to become more independent through the knowledge, skills and confidence they will gain throughout our Pro-Teen program.

We have a developed a program specifically for our teen members, to help set that solid foundation from a strength, conditioning and movement perspective.

Our Pro-Teen program is an evolving one, that introduces and progresses teenagers into the gym, providing safe and successful fitness practices.

The Pro-Teen program will educate all, on the safe use of equipment, proper movement and exercise techniques, mobility and other important aspects of personal development, such as goal setting. The class environment will also promote teen interaction and socialisation, through the creation of friendships and promotion of healthy ideas and exercises in a safe environment.

The Pro-Teen program group sessions are run EVERY Monday & Wednesday from 3:45pm to 4:25pm - 40 minute sessions in the DKHAC Gym Group Fitness Room. Please note our program is run throughout the school term only.

Term 1 2020
Commencement Monday 10th February 2020
9 week program
Final session Wednesday 8th April 2020
Please see gym staff for full 2020 commencement dates.

Our team here at DKHAC is filled with highly qualified gym instructors and personal trainers and we run high quality group training sessions dedicated to the needs of teenage members.
Our trainers have been working together to provide a fully structured plan that focus' on all important physical, mental and social factors when using the gym. 

Teen's who are looking for more independence in the gym have the option to attend a fitness consultation, delivered upon sign-up in which parents, teens and gym staff discuss fitness programming using our SMART goal setting tool.
A customised gym program is then developed by a trainer and provides a progressive fitness program that starts with basic skills and then builds to achieve optimum skill level in later sessions.

A Fitness consultation is a compulsory requirement for teen independence in the gym.

Teen Membership includes full Centre access between the hours of 11.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. 

To enquire about getting started please complete our Online Enquiry Form.