Silver Membership - 60 Plus


Our Silver Membership 60 PLUS program is for those 60 and above, for health, fitness, relaxation and injury rehabilitation this program caters for all abilities in a friendly and supportive environment.

Silver members 60 PLUS are provided with a personalised activity plan and a regular one on one review of your exercise program. 

These activity plans promote healthy living with appropriate exercises, and will assist you to delay onset of the more common mobility issues associated with ageing.

During a free personalised consultation, our health and fitness team will work with you to understand your activity preferences and history. This is especially important if you have any concerns when exercising for the first time or returning after a break.

We can also liaise closely with other treating professionals so we can ensure your plan provides you with maximum benefits. Simply chat to the health and fitness staff about the possibilities during your free consultation on sign-up as a Silver member.

Silver Membership 60 PLUS access times are:

Monday to Friday: 7.45 am to 3.30 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm

Group Training

Group exercise classes designed specifically for an older and wiser age group. The classes also provide a great opportunity to meet people while exercising. Sessions are held on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8.15–9.15 am.

Strength Training Program

This is a supervised resistance training program that will get you stronger, fitter and healthier. You complete your own personalised program with supervision from the Hobart Aquatic Centre gym team.

The program is offered on weekdays between 9.30–10.30am, excluding public holidays.

To enquire about getting started please complete our Online Enquiry Form or call our team on 6222 6999