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quiet_2.png About Gym Quiet Time

Dates: TBA

Times: TBA

We are organising a time for our gym to soon introduce a low sensory quiet time, this is to support and accommodate those in our community with sensory sensitivities.

The quiet time will include turning the TVs and music off, reducing the amounts of lights in use in the gym and having low intensity groups running in the gym activity room alongside

If embraced by our local community it is something that we would love to continue in May.

Be the mindful the quiet hour is only currently running in the gym and the rest of the centre will be operating as normal.


Lap Swimming About SwimFit

SwimFit are 6 week programs for members wanting a little inspiration to get in the water and follow a structured ‘swim-set’ coached by our amazing Aquatic swim coaches. These are not "Learn-to-Swim" sessions, check out our Adult Swim Program if you are looking for sessions with a teacher.
SwimFit is held in the 50m pool - two separate sessions a week (Monday night / Wednesday morning). The sessions are suitable for swimmers comfortable in deep water.

Our current SwimFit enrolment is currently closed.


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