Success Stories

David Meurant photo_ success story April 2019.png

We love to share the success of our members and regular centre users.

Member David Meurant is one of our recent success stories.  David realised late last September he needed to make some changes for his health and lifestyle.  We proudly share David’s story;


What led to weight gain?

Lifestyle - Eating fast processed food for most of my adult life.  It was the convenience of it when I was working long hours at work, getting home and not having time or energy to cook or prepare meals, fast food seemed simple, easy, nice and quick on the way home, which allowed me time to relax when I finally got home.


What was your turning point to change?

I couldn’t see my shoes to tie up my laces and I was fed up with always feeling lethargic with no energy, everything became a little harder and took a little longer to do.


Why did you join DKHAC?

It looked like a fantastic gym, the view when you are on the cardio machines is fantastic and with the spa, sauna and pool included it was hard to pass up. Having everything in one centre was great and it catered to my wife and both of our children as well, we were able to cater to everyone’s goals and types of training.  As part of the membership it included regular consults with some amazing PT’s – 6 weeks of meetings where we discussed lifestyle – helpful hints and benefits of healthy eating, lifestyle changes that were achievable regardless of my age and bodyweight – and a program designed specifically for me, at the ability and level I was at.


How has joining DKHAC changed your life?

I was provided with a comprehensive exercise program which included everything from strength and cardio to flexibility and mobility.  I have increased my fitness, muscle strength, decreased body fat and visceral fat, as well as rehab for my injuries, which have also improved.

I changed my eating habits through the information I was provided with by one of the Personal Trainer’s, who explained in simple terms what needed to change in order for me to live a healthier life.

I now enjoy bushwalking and exercise on weekends as part of my social activities, as previously I shunned away because I couldn’t keep up with others. Another bonus is I have made new friends based around my latest interests who also help to make you feel better about yourself.


How long did it take to see results?

From October 2018 – March 2019 (with Christmas in between;)


What helped you stay on track?

David has now incorporated one PT session per week and has the benefit of a new wardrobe. As well as seeing constant changes of small tasks becoming easier, such as tying up his shoes laces.


Well done David, we are very proud of your efforts.


Starting (October 2018)

Currently (April 2019)

Height (cm)

178 cm

Height (cm)


Weight (kg)

113 kg

Weight (kg)

100 kg

Body Fat (%)

28.5 %

Body Fat (%)

25.4 %

Visceral Fat


Visceral Fat


Waist (cm)

102 cm

Waist (cm)

92 cm