Adult Swim Program Information

Our Adult Swim program is aimed to provide an introduction to the swimming environment, learning basic swimming skills and developing water confidence.  

The program aims to give a clear and accessible pathway for those community members that have previously experienced barriers to starting their aquatic journey, as well as a progression through to independent swimming. During each term, the classes will build water awareness, confidence, skills and knowledge.  

The sessions have been developed to guide the participants on the path to becoming an active and safer swimmer and increase the opportunities for individuals to safely participate in water-based recreation and sport. 


Available to all Tasmanian community members aged 16 years and over, the Adult Swim Program will run during the school terms and enrolment is subject to availability.




This program requires a direct debit payment to be setup, payment is fortnightly in advance OR upfront payment for the entire term in advance.

Direct Debit Form - swim_school_direct_debit_form_v2-2.pdf


Program Levels 

LEVEL 1: Adult Beginners – Session Duration: 45 minutes – max 5 students. 

Our beginning level is appropriate for persons with no previous understanding or exposure to water. 

Description: Adult Beginners is a multi-faceted program that provides adults with fully supervised water access. This program is designed as an entry point for adults who have never been in, or have had minimal contact with water during their life. This program will enable all participants to have a basic understanding of water-based activity and familiarisation. We move through towards unsupported entry and basic water-based competency. By the end of this level, participants will be at the stage where they can adapt to confidently negotiate and navigate water from zero depth to a depth of comfortable manageability, including submersion.  

    Cost: $7.50 per session


    LEVEL 2: Adult Intermediate – Session Duration: 45 minutes – max 6 students. 

    The next step in your aquatic journey involves getting more comfortable in the water and starting to learn skills required for swimming by yourself. 

    Description: Intermediate is working on skill development pre and post submersion. This program incorporates aquatic breathing, submersion for objects, jump or stride entry, dive entry, and basic survival techniques. Pending the participant’s progression, considerations will be made to incorporate stroke instruction. 

    Note, we split this level into two based upon swim distance:

    • Level Intermediate-A: aiming to swim 12.5 metres independently
    • Level Intermediate-B: aiming to increase distance to swim 25 metres independently

    Cost: $17.50 per session 


    LEVEL 3: Adult Advanced – Session Duration: 45 minutes – max 8 students. 

    Our final swim level starts to build your confidence in your aquatic skills, extend your distance and broaden your understanding of the aquatic environment. 

    Description: Stroke correction, distance improvements, building efficiency and effectiveness of strokes. 
    Cost: $25.00 per session

    What to take to your first adult swimming lesson?              


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