Diving Lessons


We provide beginner and intermediate diving lessons in our 5 metre deep dive pool. Students develop diving techniques and confidence as well as having fun!

During the lessons, students will learn basic diving techniques including feet first and hands first entries, body position and spatial awareness, as well as being introduced to the basics of physical conditioning.

There is a warm up and dry land component in every session followed by work off the side of the pool.  Most of the water work is off the low level springboards. 

Program details

Levels start at beginner, followed by intermediate.  Each lesson goes for 90 minutes.

Lessons are held Monday’s at 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm and 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Wednesday’s 4.00pm to 5.30pm


  • Forward Jump Straight with Arm Swing
  • Forward Jump Tuck with Arm Swing
  • Back Jump Straight with Arm Swing
  • Back Jump Tuck with Arm Swing
  • Forward Line-up Pike
  • Back Line-up Straight
  • Forward Dive Straight


  • Three-step Hurdle
  • Forward Dive Tuck
  • Back Dive Straight


Before enrolling in our diving lessons students are required to be confident in deep water and able to competently swim 25 metres.  Lessons are held during school terms.  Each lesson costs $21.00.  Fees are required to be paid in full at the time of enrolment.  Bookings can be made by calling 03 6222 6999.