Program levels

Our program has been developed to create a fun-loving and happy learning environment for both children and parents. 

Level Age Class structure

Wonder 1

6–12 months

Parents in the water

A warm, friendly environment that encourages active participation for both the parent and the child, through song and repetition. Concentrating on basic swimming techniques and water familiarity.

Wonder 2

12 months – 2 years

Parents in the water
Developing aquatic skills and encouraging independence through familiarisation and trust building.

Wonder 3

2–3 years

Parents in the water

Using play as a teaching technique, the games give the children the opportunity to become independent.Specific skills taughtat this level will include front and back floats, kicking skills, picking up objects and sitting dives.

Courage 1/2

3–5 years

Children work independently with an instructor in the water
Develop basic water skills and promote water safety and survival, through repetition and courage building.

Courage 3

3–5 years

Children work independently with an instructor in the water

Developing streamlined body position and introducing basic aquatic skills and continuing to build the child's confidence.

Courage 4–5

3–5 years

Children work independently with an instructor in the water

This level is a continuation ofCourage 1–3, encouraging independent aided and non-aided swimming and survival skills.


5–14 years

Our Active Program continues to build skills and knowledge in stroke development, water safety, water survival and basic rescue skills. Students also learn to participate in a range of water-based recreation, fitness and sporting activities. The younger children in the program focus on development of foundation skills with older children building on endurance.

Instructorsare in the water until Active 4. From Active 4, instructors teach from the side of the pool.


10–16 years

Squad builds on the techniques learned in our Swim and Water Survival program. A fun recreational swimming group, the squad is a great way to improve fitness both in strength and endurance, to further develop swimming strokes, and to participate in friendly competitions.

Coaches instruct from the side of the pool.

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