COVID-Safe requirements

DKHAC Public Health requirements under the Events Framework Level Two

The Tasmanian Government has launched a Framework for COVID-19 Safe Events and Activities in Tasmania to support organisers to plan and hold larger-scale COVID-19 safe events and activities from 1 December 2020.

The Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre is now operating under this new Framework, and some things have changed in relation to the COVID safety requirements that apply to this Centre.

Please note:

  • DKHAC has received Public Health approval for 500 people in the pool area under the new Events Framework – this is monitored electronically and managed by staff
  • Adult patrons and spectators must maintain a physical distance from each other of 1.5 metres where practicable, if they are not from the same family or friendship group
  • Patrons are not required to distance from people from their family or friends or from the same group or household
  • Social distancing for children is deemed not practicable whilst engaging in activities in an aquatic water play environment
  • There is no requirement for participants to distance while competing or training in a structured sporting activity
  • There are no restrictions on how close diners from the same group can sit at a café table.
  • Each café table must be spaced so that people from separate groups maintain a distance of 1.5m from each other.
  • Staff are responsible for ensuring that staff and patrons are able to remain 1.5m from each other, where practicable, and will encourage social distancing between relevant patrons/groups