What to take to your first adult swimming lesson?

You are booked in and ready to go, but what things do you take to your first swimming lesson? A swimsuit and towel may both be obvious essentials, but here are a few suggestions of other things to take to your first adult swimming lesson to help ensure you have the best possible experience at the pool. 

Things to take to your adult swimming sessions. 

  1. Swimwear. It is advisable when learning to swim to make sure swimwear is as close fitting as possible. If it is designed as a swim attire, then you should be good to go!

  2. Towel and robe. A towel is essential for drying off after your swim, but if you are unsure about walking around the poolside in your swimwear, it is a good idea to bring a towelling robe to cover up and keep warm. 

  3. Swimming cap. Swimming caps are particularly useful for those with longer hair, as they not only keep the hair out of the face, but also will reduce ‘drag’ so make swimming that bit easier.

  4. Goggles. Although not essential, wearing swimming goggles is highly recommended by swimming teachers for adult learners. It is one of the things to take to your first adult swimming lesson that will help encourage better technique.

  5. Flip flops or poolside shoes. You may not consider it one of the things to take to your first adult swimming lesson but if you don’t fancy going barefoot, or have concerns about slipping on poolside, pack some flip flops for your walk from the changing rooms to the pool.

  6. Water bottle. Learning to swim is a form of exercise. When you swim it’s important to keep hydrated. In a pool you won’t notice how much you sweat and therefore how much water you lose. Remember to bring a water bottle, keep it on the side of the pool and take regular sips throughout the lesson. 

More information about the DKHAC Adult wim Program - https://www.hobartaquaticcentre.com.au/Learn-to-Swim#panel-1-7