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Our vibrant cafe is where the young and young at heart come together. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the energy of a community that thrives on the joy of socialising post-workout.                                          

We've got healthy options and your all-time favourites covered. Sip on a hot drink or grab one of our many drink options from the fridge. We make a variety of delicious things onsite including muffins, salads, sandwiches and slices. Our sushi is delivered fresh daily and our smoothies are sure to quench your thirst. Our Dippin' Dots are always a total crowd-pleaser, especially after a day splashing about. 

Hungry for more? We've got hot food, fruit salad, breakfast options, delicious snack options.

Check out our café hours here and swing by and treat your taste buds!


Coffee Rewards Card

At DKHAC we want to reward our coffee loving customers. With our Coffee Reward Card, when you purchase 9 hot drinks, you receive the 10th free! 

The terms and conditions of the Coffee Reward Card can be found below. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and all changes will be updated on our website. 


Your 10th free drink

When all 9 of the coffee symbols are stamped by the team, show your Coffee Reward Card to the Cafe team member who will issue you with a free hot drink of your choice! 

You will not be charged for alternative milk when ordering your 10th free coffee.

The 50-cent rebate for bringing your re-useable coffee cup can only be redeemed on the 9 purchased coffees. 

Your rewards card

You can collect your Coffee Rewards Card from our friendly Cafe team.

The Coffee Rewards Card can be used with the purchase of any regular or large hot drink at the Centre's Cafe. 

Your Coffee Reward Card should be treated like cash and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Stamps will be given at the time of purchase and will not be issued retrospectively. 



Are you a DKHAC member?

Platinum info

Members who are part of our Platinum Program still receive 15% off their coffee purchases. 

Members wishing to access this discount must show their Platinum wristband or card at the time of purchase to receive this discount. 

15% discount is only available for Platinum members, other customers cannot redeem on behalf of the Platinum member. 


Customer account 

Don't bring your wallet or hand bag into the Centre when you visit? No problem! The Customer Service team can set you up a Customer Account that we link to your membership. 

You can pre-load money onto your Customer Account and use this at our Cafe and Retail facilities. 

To access your Customer Account once set up, the team will either search for your full name or you can tap your wristband, card or key ring. 

Please note the Customer Account is separate from your membership direct debit payments and membership account. 


Existing Coffee Card

Our existing coffee card is being replaced by the new Coffee Reward Card!  

These cards are no longer being sold however, if you have one of these cards the Cafe team will be accepting them until Tuesday 30th April 2024.