Conditions of Entry

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By entering the Centre you agree to abide by the following Conditions of Entry; any patrons not observing these Conditions of Entry may be asked to leave.  Please note that these Conditions of Entry are subject to change and upon entering the Centre you are responsible for ensuring you are aware of the latest rules:

1. The main things to remember:

• Pay attention to signs around the Centre – these form part of the Centre’s rules.

• Obey instructions given to you by Lifeguards and other Centre staff.

• Take care of yourself and your belongings. You are responsible for your own safety and personal property. 

• The Hobart City Council does not accept liability for injury or damage to persons or property.

• Verbal or physical abuse towards staff will not be tolerated and actions reported to police.

• You acknowledge that you are in good physical condition and have no reason or impairment that might prevent the safe use of the equipment, activities or services provided by DKHAC. 

• You will monitor your physical condition at all times and exercise at a level that is appropriate to your health and any medical advice you have obtained.

• You will comply with Centre requirements and follow all staff instructions.

• Centre management may refuse entry to, or evict a person from the centre who in the opinion of centre management may compromise the health, safety, well being or overall enjoyment of other patrons of the centre or its facilities.

2. Responsible Supervision

Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of their dependants or clients while in and around the Centre.

  • 0 to 5 year olds and non swimmers must be accompanied in the water, within arms' reach of a responsible person over the age of 16 years. Maximum 2 children per responsible person.

  • 6 to 10 year olds and weak swimmers must be accompanied in the Centre by a responsible person over the age of 16 years. A responsible is required to be close, be prepared and maintain constant visual contact. Maximum 4 children per responsible person.

  • 11 to 14 year olds - when accompained by an adult it is a requirement for the adult to maintain visual contact and check on them on a regular basis.

The Centre reserves the right to require in-water supervision for all patrons, regardless of age, depending on their ability to safely swim independently.

3. General Centre Rules

The following conditions apply throughout the Centre:

• Smoking is prohibited within the Centre or within 3 metres of any entrance or intake vent.

• Bubblegum or chewing gum is not permitted in the Centre.

• Closed circuit recorded TV may be operating at all times and the Centre reserves the right to use security footage for investigation purposes.

• Any personal property left at the Centre will be dealt with in accordance with the Centre’s Lost Property Policy and the Police Offences Act 1935.

• Commercial or fundraising activities are not permitted without written approval from the Centre Manager.

• A person must not distribute any advertisement, book, card, notice, pamphlet, print, paper or placard in the Centre without written approval from the Centre Manager.

• Centre Management may close a pool, or part thereof, or other facility at the Centre. In this event compensation shall not be payable.

• Centre Management may lease, hire, or make available any part, or all of, the Centre for exclusive use.  This use is upon such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate by Centre Management.

• The Centre may recover from a person the amount of any damage or expenses incurred as a consequence of vandalism, damage, or as a result of a breach of the conditions of entry.

• All litter is to be placed in the bins provided.

• Alcohol is not to be brought into or consumed in the Centre.  Anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be declined entry or asked to leave.

• Glass, ceramic or other containers are not permitted in the Centre.

• Ensure your valuables are safe, by leaving them at home or in the lockers provided.

• Groups must book before coming to the Centre.  Groups without bookings may be declined entry.

• With the exception of guide dogs, no animals or pets are permitted in the Centre.

• No boogie boards, inflatable toys or ball games are permitted unless part of a program or activity organised by the Centre.

• Balls are not to be deliberately thrown against any wall, ceiling, glass surface or any other part of the Centre.

• Skateboarding is not permitted in the Centre or on surrounding footpaths or grounds.

• Bikes are not permitted in the Centre; bike racks are provided near the Centre’s main entrance.

• Strollers and Prams must be kept at a safe distance from any pool edge.

• In the interest of safety and enjoyment of patrons at the Centre, the following will not be tolerated: running, climbing on garden beds, diving in shallow water, dunking, pushing, playing roughly, splashing others excessively, wrestling, amorous behavior, swearing or verbal abuse, discriminatory behavior, intimidatory behavior, any behavior that distracts a lifeguard from guarding.

• Unacceptable behavior will be dealt with at the Centre Manager’s discretion.  Action may include timeout, limiting access to part, or all, of the Centre, or exclusion or prohibition from the Centre.

• If you are injured at the Centre we will help you and you must report the incident to a lifeguard or staff member. If First Aid is required you must provide your contact details and complete an incident report form.  We reserve the right to seek medical attention for a patron if we believe it is required.

• Open sores and wounds must be covered by a waterproof bandage.

• Signage displayed on pool deck advising of appropriate etiquette when using lanes must be obeyed at all times.

• Children over the age of 7 are not permitted into the change room of the opposite gender.

• All access, all gender and family change rooms are for the use of people of all genders, disabilities and families. As demand for these change rooms can be high please be considerate by making it available for others as soon as possible.

• Café tables and chairs are for use by Café patrons only – seating is limited so please be considerate by making tables and chairs available to others after consuming food/or beverages.

4. Entry Fees

• Entry to the Centre requires an approved access card or payment of the prescribed entry fee.  This applies to all people including non-swimmers. 

• Any person refused entry to, or evicted from the Centre, has no right to a refund of any monies paid for admission to the Centre and any request for a refund will be refused.

• Concession entry fees are available to holders of all valid government issued concession cards and full-time student cards. You must present your concession card at the time of entry to receive the concession rate.

• Free entry is provided for carers who hold a current Companion Card issued under The National Companion Card Scheme.

5. Filming, Photography and Media

A request, either verbally or in writing may be made to Centre Management for permission to conduct filming or photography at the Centre.  Filming or photography may be permitted at the Centre in the following circumstances:

• Occasions when a member of the general public wishes to photograph or film members of their family in Centre activities.

• When a major or special event is being conducted in the Centre.

• Where the media requests to photograph/film/interview a person not related to DKHAC or Hobart City Council.

Permission to film/photograph may be refused or withdrawn if in our opinion the privacy of other Centre users can not be reasonably guaranteed.

Use of mobile phones, cameras or video cameras in any change room is not permitted. 

6. Acceptable Swimwear

• Recognised and appropriate swimwear is to be worn at all times.

• Recognised swimwear - means that the swimwear was manufactured specifically for swimming, including rash vests, board shorts, properly fitting bathers and effective waterproof nappies.

• Appropriate swimwear – is both recognised and not revealing or offensive to other patrons.

• We do not permit patrons to swim in items such as t-shirts, g-strings, underwear, street wear, wetsuits, see-through swimwear, cut off jeans, ill fitting or revealing swimwear or football shorts unless part of a Centre approved program or activity.

• We reserve the right to determine what swimwear is considered recognised or appropriate.

• Effective water nappies must be worn by un-toilet trained children at all times.

7. Dive Tower

The dive board and tower are only open to the public during designated times.  If you wish to use the tower during such times the following conditions apply:

• You must be competent in deep water. 

• Obey the direction of Centre staff.

• Do not go higher than the 3-metre boards

• Ensure only one person is on each board at a time.

• Only bounce once on the springboard.

• Upon surfacing, swim directly to the nearest side of the pool and leave the diving area.

8. Waterslide

Conditions for using the water slide are:

• You must ensure the slide pool is clear before using the slide.

• Only one person is allowed on the slide at any one time (young children may be accompanied by their supervising adult).

• You must slide feet first only.

• You must exit the slide pool immediately after landing.

9. Spa, Sauna and Steam Room

• The spa, sauna and steam area is open to Centre members and to members of the public who have paid an upgrade fee (payable at the Customer Service Desk).  Users must have their membership card or their purchased casual user band with them at all times.

• Never put your head underwater in the spa.

• If you are pregnant you should not use the spa, sauna or steam room facility without first seeking medical advice.

• The spa is a heated water environment, if you are concerned that it may adversely affect you, it is your responsibility to seek medical advice.

• It is not recommended that the spa be used for any longer than 15 minutes at a time.

• Do not use this area if using medications, drugs or alcohol (some medications may produce adverse effects).

• Do not exercise or lie down in the steam room.

• The sauna is a dry heat facility.  Water or liquids must not be poured over the heat rocks.

• The following are not allowed in the spa, sauna or steam rooms: hair or skin treatments, shaving cream, razors, paper products including newspapers and tissues.

• The minimum age for use of the area is 16 years.

10. Gymnasium

• The gym is available for use only by current financial members and paid casual visitors who are 16 years and over.

• Membership cards or casual user bands must be carried or available to Centre staff for inspection at all times. 

• Patrons must be dry and appropriately clothed. Acceptable clothing includes:  gym shorts, track pants, t-shirts, singlets, sports shoes with closed toe and soft soles and other recognised fitness wear.

• Inappropriate clothing includes clothing with rivets or attachments, soiled clothing, work boots, hard soled fashion shoes, open toed footwear, see through, revealing, ill fitting or offensive clothing of any kind.  We reserve the right to determine what is appropriate clothing.

• Casual users must check in with gym staff upon entry.

• Cups and open containers are prohibited in the gym and aerobics room.

• Towels must be used for both aerobic and non-aerobic activities.

• All equipment must be wiped down after use.

• Bags and valuables are prohibited in the gym area.  Lockers are provided on the pool deck for casual users and in the members change rooms for members.

• Settings on equipment, such as fans and stereos, must only be altered by staff. Please ask a staff member if you want to change a setting.

• Any accidents, injuries or potential hazards must be reported to gym staff.

• We expect members and guests to behave in a courteous manner towards gym members and staff.

• We reserve the right to determine matters affecting discipline, decorum and harmony, to censure, suspend or expel a member or casual user for non-compliance of these rules or for any unacceptable conduct or activities as  management may determine.

• Before using any of the equipment please ensure that you read any usage instructions affixed to the machinery and are familiar with the function of the machine. If in doubt, ask a staff member.

• During peak times, please limit the use of aerobic equipment to 30 minutes or less. 

• Please vacate your equipment if not actively using it.

• Share your pin-loaded equipment with other members if reasonably requested.

• Share other weight training equipment with other members where possible. 

• Please keep the gym area neat and tidy and return all weights to their correct location.

These Conditions of Entry are by order of the Chief Executive Officer, Hobart City Council.