Spa, Sauna & Steam Room

Please note our spa, sauna & steam room remain closed.  Please see our FAQ page for more info. 

The therapeutic benefits of spas, saunas and steam rooms are well known. Spending time in our spas, saunas or steam room provides a great opportunity to relax and soothe muscles after a workout in the pool, gym or one of our popular group fitness classes.


We have 2 heated spas that operate around 37 degrees, one is a team spa seating up to 8 people and the other is a round spa that can seat up to 6 people.  You can sit and relax in the warm water and enjoy all the health benefits attributed to using a spa, such as helping tired achy muscles or soothing sore joints.


Our Sauna is a dry heat room that varies in temperature from 60 and 70 degrees and is popular with our regular members.  

Saunas offer many health benefits, including aiding muscle recovery, assisting the body to detox and for relaxation. 

Steam Room

Our Steam Room operates at 40 degrees with a relative humidity of 100%. It is similar to the Sauna, however it is filled with moist heat.

Steam Rooms offer many health benefits, including muscle relaxation, helping to eliminate toxins, relieve inflammation and congestion of respiratory conditions. 

Accessing our Spas, Sauna and Steam Room

People 16 years of age and older can purchase a swim, spa, sauna and steam room access pass. If you decide after a swim that you would like to use the spa, steam and sauna rooms, you can easily upgrade.

An access wristband is provided to people who purchase a spa, sauna and steam room pass.