Services and Facilities



We offer FREE parking for people using the Centre. During peak times, such as school holidays the over-flow car park at the Regatta Grounds is open. Pedestrian access is via a short walk across Remembrance Bridge.


We are accessible and inclusive. With

  • Disability and special-needs access at the pool beach entry, including a sliding gantry access to the 25 metre pool from within the water enabling beach entry to 1.4 metre depth.

  • Purpose built change rooms including mobile bed lift

  • Centre access ramps and in-centre ramps

  • Accessible parking

  • Aquatic wheelchairs (120kg & 200kg) for easy water entry

  • Mobile pool hoists for all pool decks

Responsible Supervision

Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of their dependants or clients while in and around the Centre.

Children 0 – 5 years of age must be accompanied in the water, within arm's reach of a responsible and competent person 16 years and over. Maximum of 2 children per responsible and competent person.

Children 6 – 10 years of age must be accompanied in the Centre by a responsible person 16 years and over. Maximum of 4 children per responsible person. 

The Centre reserved the right to require in-water supervision of all patrons, regardless of age, depending on their ability to safely swim independently. 


Our lifeguards are responsible for the safety of everyone in the aquatic area. They have a high level of skill and knowledge in accident prevention and rescue response.

They undertake regular training to ensure that they provide the highest level of safety. Please remember though that you are responsible for supervising your children while they are in the water.

All directions by the Lifeguards must be followed, otherwise you may be asked to leave the Centre.

If you are interested in a role as a lifeguard please review our employment section