Learn to Swim

DKHAC's simple to follow aquatic program provides a clear and understandable pathway for your child from the first time they experience the water, right through to the end of their aquatic journey. For fees and charges relating to the aquatic programs, please click here.

Learn to Swim

DKHAC's Learn to Swim program is designed to guide its participants along the aquatic pathway from water familiarisation to water confidence. We focus on the core aquatic skills and on developing an understanding of safety in and around the water.

This program is offered to children from ages 4 years (kindergarten) and up.

Our levels are: DiscoverySwim PrepSwim 1 > Swim 2 > Aquatic

We do not offer an internal Squad / Competitive program, but instead work closely with the local competitive clubs to transition those children looking for a competitive channel.


Discovery crab
Age - over 4 years

Parents / Guardians are not in the water for this level, child needs to be able to be confident and independent in the water.
Students per class: 



Discovery is fundamental for learning foundational swimming skills, water safety and water survival within a supportive environment that encourages the independence of the child. The Discovery program guides children through fun and safe activities, gradually building upon their breathing, floating and movement skills, supporting the development of trust and learning through independent interaction with the instructor.

Skills taught in this level:    -  Safe entry and exit
  -  Get your face wet
  -  Float and recover with aid
  -  Demonstrate a kick with an aid.  


Swim Prep jelly.png
Skills - all Discovery level skills
Students per class: 



Swim Prep further builds upon the child’s basic swimming skills, water safety, water survival and introduces basic rescue skills to the class. The Swim Prep program has a supported focus on preparing the child for independent swimming lessons.

Skills taught in this level:    -  Independent float and recover, back and front
  -  Effective kick with aid, back and front
  -  Demonstrate freestyle and backstroke
  -  Follow instruction in a class situation.


Swim 1 fish1.png
Pre-requisites:  Skills - all Swim-Prep level skills
Students per class: 



Swim 1 establishes the foundation for the strokes of Freestyle and Backstroke. There is an increased focus on water balance, sculling skills and developing the child’s understanding of how they move through the water. The Swim 1 program also continues to reinforce water safety and water survival, including exposure to deep water forming an essential component of this level.

Skills taught in this level:    -  Deep water entry - float/scull - recover
  -  12.5m freestyle with correct breathing, maintain technique
  -  12.5m backstroke, maintain technique
  -  Demonstrate sculling head first and feet first


Swim 2 marlin
Skills - all Swim-1 level skills

Depth - able to swim in deep water   
Students per class: 



Swim 2 is all about refinement. Freestyle and Backstroke techniques are further developed and improved, allowing for extended distances to be covered. The child is also introduced to the lifesaving survival strokes. The Swim 2 program helps the child to further develop an understanding of deep water and learning the skills to begin to safely operate out of their depth, all of which become a core tenet for this level.

Skills taught in this level:    -  25m freestyle, maintain technique
  -  25m backstroke, maintain technique
  -  Demonstrate deep water dive
  -  Demonstrate breaststroke and survival backstroke


Skills - all Swim-2 level skills

Depth - able to swim in deep water 
Students per class: 


Extending the experience beyond strokes to other parts of aquatic learning including introduction to competitive aspects of swimming like starts and turns, bigger focus on water safety and survival techniques, and Introduction to water sports like water polo, underwater hockey, underwater basketball and rugby.

Skills taught in this level:   -  50m freestyle, maintain technique
  -  50m backstroke, maintain technique
  -  50m breast-stroke, maintain technique
  -  50m survival backstroke, maintain technique



Our current modified program offers lessons from Monday to Saturday depending on availability. To find out about enrolment, please contact our Aquatic Team on (03) 6222 6977 or email via dkhac@hobartcity.com.au.

We do not offer an internal Squad / Competitive program, but instead work closely with the local competitive clubs to transition those children looking for a competitive channel.

Club contacts:


Wonder levels are a child-centred  program, taught in the water with the parent / carer and child together. The parents’ participation is essential to their child's aquatic education, and the Wonder program allows for the development of skills, knowledge and confidence of both the child and parent through the delivery of water familiarisation, exploration and water safety skills, all within a supported environment.

For babies 6 months to toddlers up to 3 years we build water confidence and provide experiences to help the parents better understand some of the foundations that will give children a positive experience in the water (respecting the skills and limitations of each child) 

For children under 4 years of age that want to continue their aquatic journey, we offer an optional Wonder 4 level where parents/guardians are in the water as we begin to explore independence.


Wonder 1octopus.png
Age Guide: 
6 months to 1 year
Students per class: 

5 (Parents in the water)


This level will be most children's first experience in the swimming lesson world. This level gently welcomes babies (and parents) to the swimming experience. Teachers guide parents to understand all proper holds and cues, as well as fun activities to ensure a positive experience into the water environment.

Skills taught include:

 - water familiarisation
 - enter and exit the water safely
 - submersion preparation
 - floatation on back and front
 - horizontal rotation


Wonder 2turtle.png
Age Guide : 
1 year to 2 years
Students per class: 

5 (Parents in the water)


In this age group, toddlers begin to independently explore a variety of aquatic experiences. Using their body more actively to pull with arms and to pump with their legs. Working on breath control and submersion when they are ready, the introduction to blowing bubbles, self holding and flotation with assistance, and assisted small jumps /glides.


Skills taught in this level: 

 - water familiarisation
 - introduction to submersion
 - assisted back and front flotation
 - vertical body rotation
 - kicks and pulls introduction
 - blowing bubbles introduction
 - assisted self holding


Wonder 3 starfish.png
Age Guide : 
2 years to 3 years
Students per class: 

5 (Parents in the water)


This is the last compulsory level of adults and children in the water together ... the adults are guided by teachers to encourage their kids to build confidence and independence through fun activities designed to develop skills and be aware of safety.

The ultimate aim here is to build the bridge for the next step on the child's aquatic journey, being in a class on their own.

Skills taught in this level:
 - independently and safely entry and exit
 - face submerged and bubbles
 - back flotation
 - kick and pull action with an aid
 - safe jumps returning to the wall


Wonder 4  fish 2  NEW OPTIONAL LEVEL
Age Guide : 
Over 3 years
Students per class: 

4 (Parents in the water)


This is an new optional level keeping adults and children in the water together while extending skills and building confidence. The aim of this level is to gently prepare kids for independent lessons. In this level parents and teachers work together to lead and encourage the kids to be independent and follow instructors in the water.

Skills taught in this level:
  -  Independently enter and exit the water safely
  -  Get your face wet by yourself
  -  Independent float and recover with aid
  -  Independent kick with an aid   


Private NDIS


DKHAC offer 1:1 swimming sessions to children that meet a basic NDIS criteria. These classes are run by a qualified teacher. Private sessions are available throughout the week depending on availability.

DKHAC do not provide private classes outside of this offering.

If your child meets and is registered on NDIS, please contact us via dkhac@hobartcity.com.au for more information.

Holiday Programs

DKHAC will have intensive programs running for our customers in January 2021, see below to register your interest.

Intensive school holiday programs are a great way to consolidate progress made during the term or for new students to get an introduction to our centre. We run 4-Day Holiday Programs in the School Holidays running from Monday - Thursday ... with the Friday of each week set aside for Carnival Prep.

Carnival Prep is a fantastic opportunity for children to prepare for swimming carnivals. An hour session dedicated to practicing dives, tumble turns, stroke technique and endurance so children are better prepared for swimming carnivals.

You can do the 4-day Holiday Program AND/OR a session on the Carnival Prep day. 

If you would like to enrol one of our Holiday Programs, please email us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au with:

 - Contact name
 - Contact phone number
 - Child's age
 - Child's name

We will be in contact ASAP to confirm the booking details.


As a result of the current COVID-19 guidelines and the available pool space while the refurbishments continue in the Centre, we are unable to deliver our new adult learn to swim program until 2021. 

Our new 2021 Adult Program at DKHAC is being designed to accommodate all levels of swimmers. See below to register your interest.

Lap Swimming  

To be informed about the new program, when it's ready to go ... just email us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au with the following details:

  - Contact name
  - Contact phone number
  - Brief description of your swimming ability


cal_nov cal_dec cal_legend


Term 4 start date: 2nd of November 2020

End of Term 4: 19th December 2020

Enrolments process beginning: 18th of September 2020

Last date for Enrolment: 13th November 2020

Public Holidays in Term 4, 2020

  •  There are no public holidays in Term 4,2020 this year due to the late start



Our classes have now reached capacity and unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any further Learn to Swim booking requests for Term 4, 2020.

We completed the processing of enrolment preferences on a first-come-first-serve basis for our customers that were part of the aquatic program when COVID-19 forced the closure of our Centre in March 2020.

We understand the importance of learn to swim classes and we look forward to being able to resume full classes in the near future.

For those with credit on their account that would like a refund, please email your details to dkhac@hobartcity.com.au and we will get the refund process underway.

If you would like to be added to our wait list for Term 1, 2021, please let us know via dkhac@hobartcity.com.au. We hope by that time that the maximum numbers permitted in the pool hall will have been increased.

Any further developments will be updated here, on our website, and via our social media channels.



What changes to the lessons have been implemented due to COVID-19?
COVID-19 has meant we have had to look at the way we deliver our classes in terms of both the area they are taught in AND the classes design itself. Subject to the guidelines in place at the time, we plan to have:

  • a new setup of lanes / class spaces.
  • our student-per-class numbers to be lower.
  • a larger time gap between classes to allow for all equipment to be cleaned after every change of class.
  • spectator numbers to be restricted.
  • contact tracing of spectators / guardians

We understand that teaching children to swim is vital and that is why we are working to reinstate our full learn to swim program as soon as possible.

However, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the centre and its operations. Under current state regulations, which include a maximum of 250 people in the pool hall at any given time and the need to adhere to physical distancing, we have had to reduce the size of our learn to swim classes. This unfortunately means that we have restrictions on program re-enrolments at this time.

We fully understand your concerns and the importance of learn to swim classes for your child.

We look forward to being able to resume full classes in the future. Until such time, we kindly ask for your patience and cooperation as we endeavour to navigate these uncertain times while delivering the modified class format.

Can I attend my child's swimming lesson?
We need to be able to contact trace all entries to DKHAC. Only one spectator is allowed per student. 

Under the current conditions, it’s important that just one family member or guardian accompanies their child to lessons. Our facility has a single enclosed area with a current total limit of only 250 people which applies to all of our pools and the café area. If other family members – including non-participating siblings / parents with infants – are allowed to attend the pool, it reduces the Centre’s available capacity significantly. 

By enrolling into the DKHAC Aquatic Program you understand that should we need to contact trace an event, we expect each Responsible Person to be able to identify the spectator that accompanied your child on any given session. The expectation is that the person who attended with the child will then follow government recommendations and contact tracing requirements.

What should I do if my child feels unwell?
As per our conditions of entry under COVID-19, no person who is experiencing flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, persistent cough, shortness of breath, fever) is permitted entry to the Centre.

Please contact the Aquatic Team at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au as soon as possible so that we can organise a credit on your account.

What should I do if my child misses a lesson for other medical reasons?
Just provide us with a doctors medical certificate and we will put credit straight onto your account.

Do I need to re-enrol for next term?
Normally, direct debit customers are automatically re-enrolled into next term. Pay-as-you-go customers have to indicate that they are wanting to re-enroll before current term ends AND pay the next term's fees in full to secure their spot for the next term.

As our previous term was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Centre shut-down, we needed to completely re-design the class structure and timetable. This means that ALL existing customers will need to re-enrol for Term 4 classes.

For more information, see the Enrolment section.

Can I suspend the swimming lessons?
No suspensions are allowed in the DKHAC Aquatic Program. We run on a school term basis, so there is no need to suspend your classes for the holidays. We do offer credit to your account for any missed classes as described above.

Can I cancel my swimming lessons anytime?
You can cancel your enrolment at any time. You just have to complete the cancellation form and send it to dkhac@hobartcity.com.au requesting the date you would like the cancellation to applied from. We need at least 3 days before a direct debit run to ensure you are not charged for the coming fortnight, you can check the direct debit dates on our Calendar.

Can I come for a swim on days other than my lesson day?
At this stage we will not be allowing access to the facility outside of your lesson time, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. We will not have any aquatic ‘play’ options available until we are able to open our new splash and play zone; and unfortunately the opening date and use of this area is also subject to Public Health restrictions.

We are having conversations with the relevant government departments to assist in improving our current situation in relation to COVID-19 limitations. Please keep an eye on our website for updates.

The Term 4 swimming term ends on December 19, 2020.

From what age should my child start to have swimming lessons?
Lessons start from 6 months age. We encourage an early start to build confidence, familiarisation with water environment and development of body skills.

Do swimming lessons prevent kids drowning?
Even though swimming lessons help to develop swimming skills, kids always have to be supervised while in a water environment.

Can I enrol anytime?
In normal times, enrolment in the current term is only available up to the first two weeks of that term. All new enrolments made after this cut-off point will roll into the next term. This allows our classes to maintain consistency and gives the instructors and students the best chance to work together and learn together.

COVID-19 has changed our enrolment process for Term 4, 2020. We are going through the process of offering places existing customers that want to come back to swimming at DKAHC. We will then be in contact with our wait-list, then open up enrolments to the general public.

Check the Enrolment section for up-to-date information.

Can I change days for swimming lessons?
You can change the days, as long as there is availability into the same level and the move has been authorised by one of the Aquatic Team Supervisors. We try to minimise movement during terms as the disruption to an existing class can be significant.

Can I change level anytime?
Levels can be swapped / changed within the first two weeks of the term in order to maintain consistency and allow progress of the class group. If you feel your child is enrolled into a wrong class, you can contact one of Aquatic team supervisors on pool deck.

Are the classes running all year?
We work on term based structure. Classes operate in blocks which align with the school terms. There are Holiday Programs available during the school holiday periods.

What happens if I am charged for a lesson that didn't happen?
If you have already paid for a lesson that didn't happen the credit will stay in your family account and be used for the next payment on that account. If you would prefer to have the amount refunded, you can contact the Aquatic Team directly and they will help you get the refund process underway. 

Do I get charged during holidays?
No, you aren't charged during the holidays. Our swimming terms run in line with the school term, check the calendar for specific dates.

Can I get discount when enrolling more than one child into the swimming lessons?
There is a 25% discount for the third child onward from any single family unit.

How do I change my payment method, or bank details on my family account?
You just need to download the Direct Debit Form, then scan and send it to dkhac@hobartcity.com.au

How can I claim a refund?
The person responsible for the family account must send an email to dkhac@hobartcity.com.au requesting a refund. Please include as much detail as you can, you will be contacted by the Aquatic Team to explain the process and get your refund request moving.

Do you offer private lessons?
DKHAC offer 1:1 swimming sessions only to children that meet a basic NDIS criteria.

Do you offer platform diving sessions?
The Centre will not be providing a dive program during term 4 2020.  COVID-19 guidelines and available pool space while the refurbishments continue in the Centre have placed limitations on the services and facilities available, resulting in the dive program not being able to be delivered for the remainder of the year.

We do not offer an internal Squad / Competitive program, but instead work closely with the local competitive clubs to transition those children looking for a competitive channel.

Club contacts:

(03) 6222 6977