Learn to Swim

We aim to provide a safe and positive environment for students to develop their swimming and water safety knowledge, skills and understanding.

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1. General Information

  • 2020 Swimming Terms:

    Term 1 : 
    Monday 3rd Feb – Thursday 9th April
    Enrolments close: EOB Friday 14th February.

    Public Holidays
          - Monday 10th Feb : Regatta Day
          - Monday 9th Mar : Eight Hour Day

    Term 2 : Monday 27th April – Saturday 4th July
    Enrolments close: EOB Friday 8th May.

    Term 3 : Monday 20th July – Saturday 26th Sep
    Enrolments close: EOB Friday 31st July.

    Public Holidays
          - Monday 8th Jun : Queens Birthday

    Term 4 : Monday 12th Oct – Saturday 12th Dec
    Enrolments close: EOB Friday 23rd October .

    Public Holidays
          - Thursday / Friday / Saturday 22nd to 24th October : Hobart Show Weekend

  • Free Swimming during the swim year
    All of our current Learn to Swim students have free access to the pools throughout the year. Come in for a swim between 3rd Feb 2020 and 12th Dec 2020 on us.

  • Safety and Sports Weeks

    Every term will have a week set aside for a focus on safety. This session will be tailored to the class age and experience level.

    We are also introducing a Sports Week where our students will be exposed to aquatic sports like water polo, underwater hockey and water basketball.


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2. Enrolments into Learn to Swim Term Program

Enrolling in our programs is easy.

  • If you have had swimming lessons in the last 6 months, or the child being enrolled is under 5 years, our Aquatic Team can enrol you into the next term where space is available.
  • If the child being enrolled is over 5 years and new to the centre, you will need to book in a FREE 10 minute Swimming Assessment.
  • New students will only be enrolled in the current term in the first two weeks of that term. All other enrolments will be held over until the new term begins. This allows our classes to maintain some consistency of skill throughout the whole term.

You can cancel your enrolment at any time, we just need 3 days before a direct debit run to ensure you are not charged for the coming fortnight.

contact our Aquatic Team on (03) 6222 6999 or send us an email (dkhac@hobartcity.com.au) with the following details:

  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Child's age 
  • Child's name
  • Brief description of child's swimming ability
  • Any preferred days / times for your lessons

Our team will be in contact to discuss your options as soon as possible.


Payment Options

Every enrolment will need to have a credit card or bank details stored in our secure payment system.

You can still pay-as-you-go, but if you do not stay ahead of the payments, we will default to direct debit.


Enrolments for Holiday Programs

Intensive school holiday programs are a great way to consolidate progress made during the term or for new students to get an introduction to our centre. We run 4-Day Holiday Programs in the School Holidays running from Monday - Thursday ... with the Friday of each week set aside for Carnival Prep.

Carnival Prep is a fantastic opportunity for children to prepare for swimming carnivals. An hour session dedicated to practicing dives, tumble turns, stroke technique and endurance so children are better prepared for swimming carnivals.

You can do the 4-day Holiday Program AND/OR a session on the Carnival Prep day. 

If you would like to enrol one of our Holiday Programs, please email us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au with:

  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Child's age
  • Child's name

We will be in contact ASAP to confirm the booking details.

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 3. Learn to Swim Levels

We offer a full range of classes at the Hobart Aquatic Centre, from classes for 6 month-olds right through to Adults.


Infant Lessons

For babies 6 months to toddlers up to 3 years we build water confidence and provide experiences to help the parents better understand some of the foundations that will give children a positive experience in the water.

Levels include:

Wonder 1 / 2 / 3
Age: 6 months to 3 years (Parents in the water)
Wonder uses songs, games and activities to teach parents and children a variety of skills including entries, floating, breathing and movement.

Age: over 3 years
Guiding children through fun and safe activities, gradually building upon their breathing, floating and movement skills; supporting and encouraging independence.

Aqua Playgroup Mat fun  



School Age - Learn to Swim

A brand new, simple to follow program which will better suit your needs.

The new levels provide a clear and understandable pathway for your child from the first time they experience the water, right through to the end of their aquatic journey.

Levels include:

Swim Prep
Age: over 4 years
This level encourages children to have a healthy respect for the aquatic environment and focuses on preparing the child for independent swimming lessons. Basic swimming techniques, balance, propulsion.

Swim 1
Focus on swimming freestyle and backstroke (25m), extending to deep water activities.

Swim 2
Refining freestyle and backstroke, extending to 50m. Introducing survival strokes.

Extending the experience beyond strokes to other parts of aquatic learning including some competitive introductions, swim & survive, and water sports.

THAC Learn to swim-2.jpg  


Classes run from Monday to Saturday depending on availability. To find out about enrolment, please contact our Aquatic Team on (03) 6222 6999 or email via dkhac@hobartcity.com.au.

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4. Squad Training

If you are looking for competitive swimming at DKHAC, then the Hobart Aquatic Club (HAC) are the club for you.

The Hobart Aquatic Club is the largest and most successful competitive swimming club throughout Tasmania. We continually strive to develop our young athletes and help then reach the height of their potential. We currently have over 170 dedicated swimmers who regularly train.

HAC offer four levels in our junior program, a competitive senior squad and a non-competitive senior squad, along with the premier elite program that Tasmania has to offer. You can find us on pool deck at the DKHAC weekdays from 3.45pm - ask for our Head Coaches, Paul or Reo. We would love to meet you.

Hobart Aquatic Club

 Contact Details:

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5. Adults

Ever thought of learning to swim? Perhaps you want to build your confidence in the water?

We are re-designing the Adult Program at DKHAC to accommodate all levels of swimmers.

To be informed about the new program, when it's ready to go ... just email us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au with the following details:

  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Brief description of your swimming ability
Lap Swimming

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6. Diving

We provide beginner and intermediate diving lessons in our 5 metre deep dive pool. Students develop diving techniques and confidence as well as having fun!

During the lessons, students will learn basic diving techniques including feet first and hands first entries, body position and spatial awareness, as well as being introduced to the basics of physical conditioning.

There is a warm up and dry land component in every session followed by work off the side of the pool.  Most of the water work is off the low level springboards.

Program details

Levels start at beginner, followed by intermediate.  Each lesson goes for 90 minutes.

Dive lessons are planned to run on Saturdays in 2020.


  • Forward Jump Straight with Arm Swing
  • Forward Jump Tuck with Arm Swing
  • Back Jump Straight with Arm Swing
  • Back Jump Tuck with Arm Swing
  • Forward Line-up Pike
  • Back Line-up Straight
  • Forward Dive Straight


  • Three-step Hurdle
  • Forward Dive Tuck
  • Back Dive Straight


Before enrolling in our diving lessons students are required to be confident in deep water and able to competently swim 25 metres.  Lessons are held during school terms.

Bookings can be made by calling us on (03) 6222 6999 or emailing us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au

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7. Multicultural Learn to Swim


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8. Special Needs (Private classes)


DKHAC offer 1:1 swimming sessions to children that meet a basic NDIS criteria in 2020. These classes are run by a qualified Austswim teacher.

Private sessions are available throughout the week depending on availability.

If you would like to know more, please call us on (03) 6222 6999 or email us at dkhac@hobartcity.com.au with the following:

  • Parent's Name
  • Contact Phone number
  • Child's name
  • Child's Date of Birth
  • NDIS #

DKHAC will not provide private classes outside of this offering.

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9. Fees and Charges

 Class type Cost 
Learn to Swim – Levels Wonder 1 / 2 / 3, Swim Prep, Swim 1, Swim 2, Aquatic.
(30 minute Lesson)
Learn to Swim – 1:1 Special Needs
(30 minute Lesson) 
4-Day Holiday Program - Mon to Thur, 30 minute sessions (4 x $17) $68.00
Carnival Prep Holiday Program - Fri, single 60 minute session $21.50
Adult Learn to Swim lesson $20.30
Diving Lessons $21.00


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9. Other Links

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